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In Loving Memory - Rudy de la Mor - Cabaret Entertainer & Friend

Rudy de la Mor - March 2013 - Rest in peace

Tonight I found out that one of my favorite entertainers, Rudy de la Mor, passed away and I feel really sad. I am writing this post knowing that so many of our visitors on know who he is and have been entertained by him at one time or another.

Sitting at home, I am flooded with memories of his nightly shows at Ozz Supperclub in Orange County, CA back in the 90′s when I would spend the evening sitting at the cocktail tables in the lounge listening to him sing and play the piano in an “always-positive-and-upbeat” tune. I always left those nights feeling really happy and my spirits uplifted from whatever problems or cares I had from the day.

Rudy has traveled to so many bars and cabaret lounges in the US, that I loved running into him when I traveled as well.

His smile, laughter, talent, voice and friendship will be missed terribly by so many people. I’ve included a link to Rudy’s facebook page – be sure to click on the “RECENT POSTS BY OTHERS” to see the hundreds of messages, videos & photos other fans have shared – if you want to read and post and share. Here is a link to a bunch of YouTube videos of Rudy that are really great to watch.

Rest in Peace my friend. I will miss knowing that I could run out to see you perform… you are missed!!!


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  1. jerry b says:

    Back a few years ago, I visited Palm Springs every month so that I could catch Rudy at the Rainbow Cactus. So many great memories...the quarter dance and audiance participation. I also caught a couple of his shows in Phoenix about 3 years ago...he still remembered me and we had a great time! It is strange that just on this last Saturday I was visiting with a friend and talked about Rudy and then went home and checked the website...such a shock! Rest in peace my friend! Jerry

  1. Judy Voitkun says:

    Rest in Peace my friend and thank you for all the wonderful, entertaining nights at the OZZ and Azuls. You did a great job of bringing the girls in the audience into your show and I will always remember with fondness your saying to me, Judy, Judy, Judy. And my reply was always the same: He never said that!

  1. Swank Daddy says:

    I just learned of Rudy's passing. He was such a sweet heart and a great entertainer. Like some others I first saw him at the Little Shrimp in Laguna Beach many years ago. Also saw him when he appeared in Tucson at IBT's and last year when he was in Palm Springs. He was as exuberant as ever and we'll miss him. Of course the other folks in heaven are enjoying him now.

  1. Dave says:

    My partner of 43 years and I first saw Rudy perform at the Little Shrimp in Laguna Beach in the early 70s. Over the next 40 years we spent many wonderful evenings enjoying his shows. We will miss him!

  1. Bob Cochran says:

    I was so very saddened to hear of Rudys passing, I have been going to bars, that he appeared in for many many years, my favorite times where at the old Toy Tiger, then Houstons in Silverlake, he always would put a smile on your face . especially mine when I would go into the bar with a younger goodlooking guy with me, he would start playing MONEY MONEY. He will be missed by so many. Go to rest Rudy and have a sfe trip up there, You were loved, Bob Cochran

  1. Tim says:

    Loved the quarter dance. Loved his humor. What a great soul. I hope he enjoyed life because he sure brought a lot to all who went to see him at the Odyssey.

  1. Owen says:

    He was a bridge to that era of the 30's & 40's and he would talk about all of the elder entertainers he worked with, how they had passed on, and also how they passed on teaching and many wonderful things down to him. There are so many good things I could write about this man. He used to sing, "I'm gonna live until I die." and then make a big joke out of those lyrics. Remember? Your time has come my friend. My hat off to you Rudy! You will always be in my heart. I look forward to hearing you sing once again with a host of angels and play music for us in eternity:)

  1. Owen says:

    The way he could remember each of us by name, his tap tap tap your troubles way, "I hear the sound of $5". He sang "Losing My Mind", "I Love A Piano" and he had and endless repertoire of music. There wasn't a song that he did not know. Those crazy hats and jokes and we all laughed at the same jokes and goofy hats over and over decade after decade. His cocktail was Windex- remember that? LOL Oh Rudy, my heart aches so much right now and is so heavy with tears of sadness but I have nothing but fond, wonderful memories. As a pianist myself, he will always be one of my biggest inspirations to play with all I have and to laugh & smile with a great stage presence. I told him many times that he had given our community a real legend of RUDY DE LAMOR, and he was always modest about that. To me, he is like the Michael Jackson of piano and comedy and the Elizabeth Taylor bridge with ties going back to the big stars from the 30's & 40's. He was a bridge to that era and he would talk abou

  1. Owen says:

    I saw his last performance here in Chicago (which if I have it right was 2009)at the Club 3160. I just knew deep down inside he would not be returning to the Midwest. I hugged him hard and long and I hugged him many times that night. He was as amazing to me as Studio One and Club 54 rolled into one. Ernie, (Thank You for this In Loving Memory of Rudy - I loved him so much), In the above featured picture of Rudy that was used, I gave him that big hot pink Ostrich feather he is holding for his trip to perform here in Chicago and he loved it so much. In the old days he performed with one all of the time and used one like that to "Poof! you're a Queen"... and then of course his: "I'm a big puffy queen from California". He would grab that feather at the end of every song and "WHOOOOOOOOOSH!" He also used it as a magic wand when he would play magician -after he gets one of the kids to lay on the piano- and he would say, "RISE!" Do you remember what would rise? :) The way he could rem

  1. Owen says:

    I may have loved Rudy more than any entertainer in the biz. He won my heart from the very fist minute I saw him performing out West. I remember very well, the first time I saw him performing, back in the 1980's in Orange County at Little Shrimp and numerous other piano lounges all over Hollywood. I was only 21 years old. When you are only 21 (as you all know:), you get to sit on the piano bench with Rudy and he sings us a lullaby and a love song, while wagging his tongue all over, silently telling us how much he loves us! I know, Right? :) His awesome charm, his charisma, the non stopped energy night after night. His love for the piano and how much he enjoyed entertaining us, all of these years is an amazing thing. When I would be in Chicago during the Summers I would gather all my friends together and we would all go down the the Gentry to gather around him to sing and laugh. I saw his last performance here in Chicago (which if I have it right was 2009)at the Club 3160. I just kn

  1. Norman says:

    I remember, Rudy from his many, many shows in San Diego. Once he found out my name was Norman, he would always, stop playing when I came in and say, :Norman you old poop." I also remember have some wonderful lunches and dinnders with him while in San Dieog. Another one of our great perfromers is gone, Rudy you will be missed. May you rest in peace. Norman

  1. Jared says:

    Many prayers to his family and friends. He was a very special man..I remember his great big, huge smile and humoring demeanor. I remember the very first time I met him, I walked into a piano bar with my date and he abruptly stopped the song he was singing & playing, looked at us and asked my friend if I we were together. My friend said yes as we pulled up a stool at the piano and Rudy, gave him an 'I'm onto you look' and broke out into 'money, money, money, money, money, money...' It was hilarious!! I will always cherish that memory of him. God bless!

  1. DOMDADDYLA says:


  1. Tamm says:

    Next to the hats worn by Queen Elizabeth, I loved Rudy's hats best.

  1. Bob says:

    We loved Rudy and will miss his smile and contagious laughter. We can only hope that he is now entertaining our friends that have gone before us. Fond Farewell, Our Friend!

  1. Chris From Milwaukee says:

    He was a gem I saw him the 1st time at the M&M club I know i had a had a good time He will be missed God rest your soul my frend

  1. Logan says:

    I feel a huge sense of loss. I also saw Rudy at the Ozz Supperclub in Orange County. He was he first gay performer I had seen. I was just coming out at the time and a friend brought me to see him. Rudy plucked me from the audience and brought me on stage with him. He had me lay on my stomach on top of the piano and swing my feet in time with the music. I had so much fun - it is a memory that I still cherish. He was warm and kind and his act was both funny and engaging. I have had the opportunity enjoy several performances since then. I adore you Rudy.

  1. Sean says:

    Our dear Rudy passed away today at 12:45 PM (PST). Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tom and Rudy's family. He is now with the angels and they will take good care of him He will be terribly missed.

  1. Mark says:

    You will be so missed! We loved you from the OC all the way to Chicago and Palm Springs. We will never forget the Tap Tap song... always brightening up those spirits where ever you are!

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