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In Loving Memory - Rudy de la Mor - Cabaret Entertainer & Friend

Rudy de la Mor - March 2013 - Rest in peace

Tonight I found out that one of my favorite entertainers, Rudy de la Mor, passed away and I feel really sad. I am writing this post knowing that so many of our visitors on know who he is and have been entertained by him at one time or another.

Sitting at home, I am flooded with memories of his nightly shows at Ozz Supperclub in Orange County, CA back in the 90′s when I would spend the evening sitting at the cocktail tables in the lounge listening to him sing and play the piano in an “always-positive-and-upbeat” tune. I always left those nights feeling really happy and my spirits uplifted from whatever problems or cares I had from the day.

Rudy has traveled to so many bars and cabaret lounges in the US, that I loved running into him when I traveled as well.

His smile, laughter, talent, voice and friendship will be missed terribly by so many people. I’ve included a link to Rudy’s facebook page – be sure to click on the “RECENT POSTS BY OTHERS” to see the hundreds of messages, videos & photos other fans have shared – if you want to read and post and share. Here is a link to a bunch of YouTube videos of Rudy that are really great to watch.

Rest in Peace my friend. I will miss knowing that I could run out to see you perform… you are missed!!!


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