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Gay Massage in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This is the view from the 3rd floor balcony ocean front room at the Blue Chairs Resort in November 2012Recently I made a trip to gay-friendly Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  As I usually do, I looked at my own site to see if there were any masseurs on in Puerto Vallarta, and found a guy who travels to PV every so often:

I'm not surprised that I didn't find more, as 99% of the masseurs on my website are based in the United States.

Where do I find a masseur in Puerto Vallarta?

I've been to Puerto Vallarta a few times in the past just on day-trip excursions from several cruises to Mexico, and usually just went to the Blue Chairs gay beach (located at Playa Los Muertos Beach in the Zona Romantica area) to hang out for the day.  On this trip to PV, I noticed quite a few masseurs offering their massage services in a variety of creative ways:

  • As I am walking along the streets, masseurs stand in front of their store-front-spas yelling "Massage, Amigo?"
  • As I am sitting at the beach, enjoying the views, independent masseurs are giving out business cards on the gay beach
  • In the lobby of most gay friendly hotels, are postcards & business cards of male masseurs
  • On mobile social media apps like Grindr and Adam4Adam you'll find profiles of "CMT", "LMT" or "Great Hands"

So, how do I know which masseur to see?

I rarely try any masseur without reading reviews, and in PV it was extremely difficult to find any masseurs with any reviews online.  However, since the Mexican Peso is cheap compared to the US Dollar, the price for a massage is pretty much the same as a nice dinner back home, around $40 for an hour (sometimes if you can negotiate you can get it for 90 minutes).  That's not a bad price compared to back home in Los Angeles, where an hour massage generally goes for $120 or $160 for 90 mins.  So the risk vs. the cost really isn't too bad.

Any advice or tips next time?

I did not end up seeing any of those masseurs and still had a nice time in Puerto Vallarta, but I do wonder if anyone else has any recommendations of masseurs in PV that I might try next time.

Photo credit: Ernie - November 2012 - View of Blue Chairs Beach in front of the Blue Chairs Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Photo taken from the 3rd floor Ocean Front Balcony room.


4 Comments on "Gay Massage in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico"

  1. Darrell says:

    I use GREAT HANDS and I am always delighted. I live in PV six months each year and try to get a massage every week Runs 1000 pesos, about US 80$. Would be $125 plus tax and tip in Chicago.

  1. Casey says:

    On multiple occasions I’ve had massages in PV. Some were rewards for sitting through timeshare presentations. (You can talk the alligators into a 90 minute massage at the near gay Blue Massage.) I’ve also had foot massages on Playa los Muertos, one of which (the more gay of a trio of brothers) led to a full body 90-minute massage which ended sensually, and ran 1000 pesos. I’ve also had spa massages at two of the timeshare resorts in Nuevo Vallarta (for sitting through a presentation.) In one 10 day period, I had 5 maggages, with one “happy ending”. So explore!

  1. Ron Trebec says:

    I have lived and work in Puerto Vallarta for 8 years. We have many highly qualified masseurs there and at moderate prices offering many types of massage. I have personally received massage from several of these guys. Yes, its’ true, to get the best it’s always best to get referrals from clients. Basically, the service fees they offer in PV are a fraction of the US in major cities.

  1. JonnyF8 says:

    I contacted a masseuse through Craigslist when I was there last October. We set everything up by e-mail. It was a combination therapeutic and “relaxing” massage. I think it was about $80 and it was worth it. He was extremely professional and he sent me an e-mail on Halloween and again on Thanksgiving to wish me a happy holiday. He has a website and I probably will contact him when I go back to PV in the Spring or Fall.

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